Our Story


A story of concern for everyone

After years in sales and customer service, and watching the games played, I started to grow tired of the industry. Games are played both ways. Sales people trying to make the most and customers trying to pay the least. It is never as simple as that. Sales people playing tricks and games and dealers absolutely fee-ing customers to death. Customers stretching the truth about what they were told they would get for their trade or what they were offered for a payment at another dealership. I feel like the business can bring out the worst in both dealership staff and the customers alike. Although the VSA is cleaning it up, it isn't clean yet, and some people are able to slide through the system never getting caught. Some dealerships are filled with sleezy scammers. People that are there pulling scams until they get caught and then they move to the next dealership. Further, they may get caught and given kudos for making the deal they did.

Here, we hire the right people. No sneaky shysters. No lone wolves. Everyone here is a team. Everyone here will help you as if they were helping their favorite movie star, musician, or their super hero. No one is in it to retire on one car deal. We understand that if you do enough deals the profit will take care of itself. The staff are clean. No vices. No nonsense.

Our vehicles leave here clean and safetied. We take care of you after the sale. If something is wrong we will fix it. We don't offer shady warranties.

Here at BCCARS.ca, you are guaranteed to get a great deal but most importantly, great service. Both during and after the sale.